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There are plenty of apps titled "I AM Rich", "I AM Billionaire", or similar, that absolutely do nothing, but they have a lot of downloads and reviews.

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So, what's
the story?

The developers of these apps (may not be all of them) uses to frequently reduce the app price to zero (free) and advertise it to be on sale to attract more users to download it. “We don't do that, and we dare anyone to prove that this app was on sale or free”. Also, they use bots to create accounts and download their (free) app and leave a review. Then, when they get some downloads and reviews, the developers increase the price of the app again. But the worst thing is that they include a lot of permissions in the app and even ads to increase their revenues and collect data from users as much as they can.

Why it's best
for you

No permissions required

This app requires no permissions at all, not a single one.

No personal data collected

Since the Internet permission does not exist to submit these data.

No Ads of any kind

There is no ads of any kind, and never will be.

Why would you spent this amount of money on such app that exposes your privacy with its required permissions, and even contain ads?!!

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Bottom line, for fan users of such apps, or even users that wants to supports the developer, we made a series of the "I AM Rich" app, from Premium to Bronze, with a flexible range of prices.

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App Price Download
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I AM Rich
400 $ I AM Rich on Google Play. I AM Rich QR Code
I AM Rich - Premium icon
I AM Rich - Premium
400 $ I AM Rich Premium on Google Play. I AM Rich - Premium QR Code
I AM Rich - Platinum icon
I AM Rich - Platinum
200 $ I AM Rich Platinum on Google Play. I AM Rich - Platinum QR Code
I AM Rich - Diamond icon
I AM Rich - Diamond
100 $ I AM Rich Diamond on Google Play. I AM Rich - Diamond QR Code
I AM Rich - Gold icon
I AM Rich - Gold
50 $ I AM Rich Gold on Google Play. I AM Rich - Gold QR Code
I AM Rich - Silver icon
I AM Rich - Silver
25 $ I AM Rich Silver on Google Play. I AM Rich - Silver QR Code
I AM Rich - Bronze icon
I AM Rich - Bronze
10 $ I AM Rich Bronze on Google Play. I AM Rich - Bronze QR Code

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